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This section of our Web site features stories about your encounters with us and how Wooded Isle Computer Consultants helped make your computing life easier.

  • Did we help you solve a tricky Macintosh computer problem?
  • Did we salvage your hard drive after it crashed on your last deadline?
  • Did we help you buy new hardware from the online Apple computer store?

If you’d like to submit a story of your own about how Wooded Isle Computer Consultants helped you out of a bind, we will publish it here! Just e-mail us with any feedback that you have about our services.

Stories of Apple Computers in the Business World
Read about how Apple computers are being used in business environments, and how the Macintosh operating system is increasing its market share in the computer world.

"Prior to meeting Charlie, I was very nervous about making mistakes with my iMac. After meeting Charlie, I was freed to experiment and make mistakes, because I knew I could call on him when I got stuck. This has enabled me to learn to do things on my own. Because of what he has taught me and because I have him, as a backup, I don’t actually need him very often."

Dr. Richard Evans
Dr. Evans LinkedIn Profile
“Charlie's work was consistently exceptional. He understood how to help us, a small non-profit, identify our needs as we continued to grow and how to maximize on the resources available to us. Charlie is reliable and easy to work with, and always made himself available to help troubleshoot issues and provide guidance as needed.” April 11, 2009

Jennifer Clary
Jennifer Clary on LinkedIn
“...Charlie is the best at what he does. I've worked with Charlie over the years at 2 different offices and on 4 different computers, he has solved every problem we've encountered even if it meant more than one visit, or helping remotely - 5 stars all the way! Jaqi Green, Owner Array of Elegance Interiors” January 22, 2009

Jaqi Green
Jaqi Green's LinkedIn Profile
“I have had the pleasure of recommending Charlie Havens to my clients for MANY years! He's the best Mac consultant I know. Invariably, my clients call me back to say how pleased and satisfied they are with Charlie's work. He's knowledgeable, patient, and gets the job done correctly, from both software and hardware perspectives. What more could you ask for?” January 14, 2009

George Rumsey
Computer Resource Center, Inc.
“Charlie was always very responsive and professional. As a nonprofit we didn't have the largest budget, but Charlie always managed to make sure our network was responsive and safe. I trust Charlie implicitly. I highly recommend his work.” January 10, 2009

B.J. Shoemaker
B.J.'s LinkedIn Profile
“Charlie is a reliable and helpful Mac specialist. Would recommend him for any organization's IT needs.” May 5, 2008

Amy Rasmussen
Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education
“Charlie Havens is an excellent computer expert, who has helped me many times to solve problems with my home computer.He is very knowledgeable, kind, patient, and always willing to answer any questions. In my opinion, Charlie is tops!" May 18, 2010

Rebecca West
Rebecca West's LinkedIn Profile
“Charlie did work for me on several occasions, and each experience was totally satisfactory. He is knowledgeable and efficient and reliable. He is also a very good person. He is kind and thoughtful and pleasant to work with. I can recommend him wholeheartedly.” May 18, 2010

Carolyn Ulrich
Carolyn Ulrich's LinkedIn Profile
“Charlie is always there when I need him--which is always suddenly, always immediately. He's a solid professional, capable and calm. I don't know where I'd be without him. I happily recommend him, without reservation and without hesitation. Hire him!!!” May 18, 2010

Barbara Currie
Barbara Currie's LinkedIn Profile
“On several occasions Charlie came through for me when I had IT issues that needed to be solved immediately. And I mean immediately as I had deadlines to meet with data that I couldn't access. Charlie was quick, courteous and, most important, successful. I highly recommend charlie and Wooded Isle Computer Consultants.” May 18, 2010

Marc Monaghan
Marc Monaghan's LinkedIn Profile